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Devil's Kiss
Status Completed
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Devil's Kiss

From Aka Roze Tenshi A collection of oneshots~ Sara is a member of the Heaven Expedition Team, and her job is to hunt Devils, but she hasn't caught even one devil yet and if she doesn't catch one she will be expelled! She decides to summon a devil so she can catch him, but what will happen when she meets the charming devil Rembrandt? A devil and angel, a robot girl determined to do her best, a flower boy and a girl who's fake and obsessed... this is a 5 chapter collection of adorable one-shots. Kohai has a lot of friends. But she doesn't think friends are a big deal. One day, she asks her crush Sugimoto Shin to go out with her. He refuses her and she challenges him to go out with her for 2 weeks so he can fall in love with her. What will happen in the end?
Released 2 years ago
Posted On 2 years ago
Updated On a year ago
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Chapter Devil's Kiss


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