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Marriage B
Status Ongoing
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Marriage B

Marriage B manhwa, B "You killed Melissa. If you let me go, she won't!"I am married to Terio Alte, a friend from childhood. But Terio's heart only goes to Melissa, my sister.Not long after that, Marquis Ancy Betelgius destroyed the Rubiet family. And Melissa, who was married to him, also died.Terio took out all his resentment on me, because I couldn't stand it and decided to give up on this lifeWhen I opened my eyes, I found myself going back to 7 years ago. I chose Ancy Betelgius over as Melissa's replacement."There's no hope. Anyway, if life has decided my fate is death, I'll choose a certain tragedy."But this man, why treat me with such affection"If that's the caseI hope you will keep this mask of affection for a long time. Until
Released a year ago
Posted On a year ago
Updated On 2 months ago
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Chapter Marriage B


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