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The Earth War
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The Earth War

In an era where man has conquered the speed of sound, speed of light is naturally what man wishes to conquer next. Dontaro Aranami is the son of a world-famous pilot. One day, when he and his father attempt to go light speed, his father nearly dies. Dontaro and his mother go overseas to send him to a Swiss hospital when a military group attacks their train. This group, led by Colonel Gorbo of Uramecia, is plotting to seize rule of the land for himself. This is only the beginning of a large-scale frenzy over the Earth, where even unearthly beings participate... An SF action-dventure thriller with chaos, suffering, and a display of the cruelty of war. Also contains **Wonder-kun**: Wonder (real name: Kantaro) is an orphan who lives on an abandoned island lot in Tokyo with a pack of stray dogs. As Wonder begins to reconnect with human society properly, he finds himself having to protect his home from parties who wish to see it altered for their own deadly means... --- **Volume 340 of the Osamu Tezuka Complete Works**
Released 6 months ago
Posted On 6 months ago
Updated On 6 months ago
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