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Easy To Notice
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Easy To Notice

Kyowoo's department buzzes with excitement when the handsome executive director's son, Jiwook, joins as a new recruit. But oddly enough, the other quieter recruit, Leehak, catches Kyowoo's eye more. Could it be because of his clumsiness when it comes to basic office tasks, his subtly aloof attitude at work, or the fact that he wears the same cologne as Kyowoo's crush in high school? Either way, Kyowoo suspects that he's related to someone important at the company, but pretends not to notice. In his efforts to treat Leehak normally, however, Kyowoo ends up capturing his romantic interest. What's more, Leehak turns out to be the son of none other than the company's chairman! Though Kyowoo is reluctant to come off as a hyena after his wealth, Leehak remains persistent... and Kyowoo doesn't exactly dislike him, either. Will the two come together in an unexpected office romance, despite the many hurdles in their relationship?
Released 11 days ago
Posted On 11 days ago
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