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Kowamote Danshi no Bentou ga Umai Riyuu
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Kowamote Danshi no Bentou ga Umai Riyuu

"Mizukawa-kun, I made a bento for you."Huh?? Why?? Why did this scary-looking guy make me a bento!?It is now lunch time. Mizukawa is your average boy who was just about to have his usual bread for lunch when Tsuchiya, his classmate who's constantly shrouded in dangerous rumours, suddenly gave him a bento."You'll get hungry just eating bread and it's unhealthy too."Huh? Is Tsuchiya actually a nice guy? And his bento is actually delicious...This is the debut commercial work from the promising new manga artist, Machida March! With Tsuchiya's bento being the catalyst, thus begins an innocent love story between the average boy, Mizukawa and Tsuchiya, the scary-looking boy who's good at cooking.+
Released 12 days ago
Posted On 12 days ago
Updated On 3 days ago
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Chapter Kowamote Danshi no Bentou ga Umai Riyuu


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