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Yu-Gi-Oh Ocg Stories
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Yu-Gi-Oh Ocg Stories

In the distant past, the prosperous nation of Kama waged war against the nation of Spectra, resulting in the creation of an AI that wiped out all humans. Centuries later, Raye, the last surviving human, lives amongst an android society on the outskirts of Kama. On the night of her 13th birthday, her peaceful life is upended when Spectra attacks, destroying her home and forcing her friends to the front lines. Desperate to save everything she loves, Raye calls upon humanity's last bastion: "Sky Striker", the Kama-developed secret technology made to turn humans into the ultimate living weapons. …Unexpected, right? In this newest adaptation of Yu-Gi-Oh, the focus of the plot is not on the card game, but instead the many storylines featured in the cards. The first arc surrounds the Sky Striker series, with more to come in the future.
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